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Celebrating While Sober: How to Attend Parties in Sobriety

So, relax, have fun, and don’t hesitate to laugh about your inebriated friends’ antics. Still, it’s normal to not always feel empowered when you’re around drinkers, or feel a strong temptation to imbibe. If you’re newly sober, Coulter says to recognize you’re learning new patterns and behaviors.

sober parties

Have conversations with friends you’re inviting to make sure they aren’t caught off guard by the lack of alcohol behind the bar. That can mean you aren’t inviting everyone you’d like to if you know they won’t be game for an alcohol-free evening. Socializing can be more about the connections you create with everyone at the very fun sober party you throw. I feel like I’m going to need a better plan if I want to be able to be at a party with alcohol. If you really do not want to delve into your backstory, then don’t. The important thing is that what you have to say puts you more at ease. We are a Joint Commission accredited facility, which shows our commitment to continue elevating our standards and providing superior treatment for substance abuse.

Don’t feel pressured to tell people you’re sober

This is why planning ahead with some sober party ideas will both strengthen your resolve and enable you to relax and enjoy yourself. After a few weeks or months of sobriety we can forget just how bad it was when we were drinking and using drugs. We start thinking that it “wasn’t that bad” and we can have “just one.” Chances are, if you are trying to get sober, it WAS bad. If you are truly addicted, you CANNOT have just one. Remember the cringe-worthy things that happened when you were active in addiction.

If you can invite someone along, ask a reliable friend who will help you stay away from problem substances and help you recognize when you may need to leave if the environment is just too much to handle. Go to a twelve-step meeting –If you feel like you won’t be able to stay sober at the social event or gathering, then you need to focus on your recovery first and think about going to a meeting instead.

The Bottom Line On Sober Partying

Díaz and Gaspar are partners in life and In Good Spirits, a new local community offering a platform for gathering and celebrating sans alcohol. In Good Spirits is on a mission to refresh social rituals through different but no-less-vibey experiences that help break down the social constructs that pit sobriety against socialization.

  • You can roll your eyes together when people start acting drunk.
  • If you get any hassle or pressure about not drinking, don’t feel that you have to put up with it or further explain yourself.
  • “ is hyper-normalized,” says Jennifer Fernández, a clinical psychologist who focuses on substance abuse treatment in San Francisco.
  • Consider a four-course dinner party made by you and a few friends or catered.
  • Your wellness-inspired friends watching their wine calories may love a makeshift juice bar.

In order to stay on your path to recovery and still enjoy a healthy social life, you will need to develop the skills to say “No” to temptations at parties. Now how to survive summer parties and boozy bbqs that I’m in recovery and am able to truly have a good time and enjoy myself, I’ve found other things to do that are much more entertaining than a party.

Long-Term Treatment

As an industry professional 12 Keys has become one of my most trusted resources. Patient care and engagement are always top notch, and I know that I can always trust that the patient and their families will be in the best position to recover.

sober parties

A sober friend understands what it is like and can help you get back on track. If you’re feeling triggered or unsteady in recovery, or if you’ve relapsed, give us a call.

My 4 Tips For Going To Your First Party Sober

Enter the ever-growing world of nonalcoholic, zero proof, buzzless, spirit-free mock or cocktails. Whatever you want to call them, there’s no denying their impact. We got sober to live life and be present for every moment. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. If no one else is interested in the excitement you have to offer, maybe that’s a clear signal that the party’s a dud anyway. NYC-based content strategist with over 3 years editing and writing in the recovery space. Strong believer in accessible, empathic, and fact-based communication.

sober parties

I was feeling good, looking good and I couldn’t wait to show everyone how great I was doing. Sometimes the invitation to drink is not a sign that the person offering disregards your recovery efforts; it’s because they’re just trying to play the role of good host/hostess. You can put them at ease and eliminate a lot of invitations to drink by having your own alcohol-free beverage in hand. Finally, don’t be afraid to get involved in party activities. Set up games, help with the food, and clean up with the host. All of these little things can help you get engaged with your surroundings, connect, and totally forget about the fact that you’re partying sober. If possible, ask a sober or sober curious friend to accompany you to the event.

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